Welcome to the MICB

The MICB has many objectives and roles as it is involved in the religious, cultural and social life of London and the UK. Chief among them is to promulgate the true meaning and understanding of Islam as a Religion of Peace, Tolerance and Coexistence, and hence the framework of all aspects of our work stems from this standpoint.

The Mosque & Islamic Centre of Brent

The Mosque & Islamic Centre of Brent has a large amount of community work that goes on through this institution. The management at the mosque always strives to benefit the local community be, Muslim & non-muslim alike.

Intrafaith Dialogue

One of the ways The Mosque & Islamic Centre of Brent beaches to its local community is through intrafaith dialogue. 

Rumi's Kitchen

The MICB has teamed up with a local charity organisation called ‘Rumi’s Cave’ to form Rumi’s Kitchen. Rumi’s kitchen provides free hot meals to the local community via the mosque’s platform, served and cooked on site. This is done every Sunday afternoon. The aim is to cater for the homeless however all are welcome.

Soup Evening

Every Thursday, The MICB has arranged for a soup distribution on Cricklewood Broadway’s leading high street. Volunteers from The MICB headed by our manager Yasir Alam prepare freshly made chicken soup and hand it to everyone and anyone.

Prayer Timetable

There are five daily prayers, explained below; all of these can be prayed in congregation (jamā‘ah) at the MICB. 

Prayer Time App

Bookmark this link to see the daily prayer times (begin and jamā‘ah) using our mobile web app.


Your generous contribution will help us to maintain and develop a wide range of services we offer.